While I don’t normally blog about fashion, it’s impossible to ignore the impact that the way you dress has on how people treat you… and for any empire builder, every conversation is an opportunity.

A while back, I wrote an entireeee article about how to put together a capsule wardrobe and why I started one.

That post did SO incredibly well on the blog that I wanted to go into a little more detail about some of the rules I use to make sure I always look pulled together.



This is literally rule number one.

My skin has a neutralish-warm undertone…. and ev-er-ything I wear is meant to make me glow.

You don’t need a ton of makeup, but focusing on the glow will make sure you always look “healthy” (even if it’s just the bronzer and highlighter doing the job).

Gold jewelry makes me glow while silver jewelry washes me out.

I almost always wear warm nude and earth tones because they enhance the glow.

Knowing what colors compliment you makes a huge difference… and that’s why what looks good on one person will look terrible on another.

Neutrals look pretty good on everyone so if you’re not sure what looks good on you, start building your capsule wardrobe with those… and that will also make it way easier to add colors into your capsule wardrobe later on.

I had my brows microbladed (best decision ever!) and I get lash extensions, so even when I do my makeup, I literally only do my face and lips…. and my entire makeup routine is to give that “no makeup makeup” glow. I want people to compliment my glow, not my makeup.

I’m all about the natural glam for the day to day because YOU want to be beautiful, not your makeup.

My makeup routine was inspired by Desi Perkins and since switching to this, I can’t even tell you how many “you’re glowing” compliments I get on a weekly basis. Here’s my favorite daily tutorial of hers.



My mom taught me this before I even had cleavage to show and it’s honestly one of the best rules I’ve ever followed.

If you’re going to be sexy on top, be a little more conservative on bottom or vice versa.

You can be sexy and also always be classy with this little tip.

As a boss babe, it’s IMPERATIVE that you LOOK like a boss and this rule achieves that flawlessly.

This rule could also apply for crop tops and open backs… If you’re showing your stomach or open back, hide one of the other parts… It’s a little show and tell while still leaving something to the imagination.

Don’t believe me?

A little too much for a boss babe, right?

Just about the same amount of cleavage but the top one looks like “sleeping with the boss” while the second is “I am the boss”.



Start with solid colors.

I know, I know… but trust me.

Firstly, solid colors, if matched together well and layered properly, will always look polished.

Solid colors don’t have to be boring… Play with textures and different cuts instead of crazy patterns…. You can accessorize with prints and patterns later on.

You can also create wayyyyy more outfits out of solid colors, so seriously, trust me.

Plus, if you don’t have basics to match your patterns and prints with, it’ll probably sit in your closet unworn because you don’t have anything to match it with.

When you’re choosing solid colors, focus on the details to give it that “expensive” feel.

Instead of just going for a basic black pair of pants, go for the ones with the gold buttons on the front.

That little extra something something will really upgrade your wardrobe…. and doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Here’s a perfect example:

She’s literally just wearing a black shirt and pants with nude shoes and scarf… Nothing special.

However, it’s the details on the pants that make her look TOTALLY polished.

Here’s another…

For a business casual look, I would’ve gone with a little more of a traditional top, but the distressed denim gives some personality to the outfit while still having solids.

Oh, and I’m a FIRM believer that shoes make an outfit…. Adding heels to an outfit dresses it up like crazy and loafers or boat shoes dress it down completely. You don’t need 800 rings, crazy eye makeup or anything else like that to look amazing.

It’s all about that effortless “I woke up like this” vibe.



Solid colors SERIOUSLY don’t have to be boring…

I love t-shirts, chiffon tank tops and shell tops because they’re so damn versatile by adding a blazer or cardigan…

… Then switch up the color or style of the blazer or cardigan.

Bam! Whole new outfit.

Layering is your friend.

If you live in a warm climate like I do (heyyyy Sunny South Florida), you can still get away with layering, you just have to be more strategic when you’re shopping and go for lighter layers instead.

Layering also makes it easy to give you that “expensive” look and like you shop all the time… Simply because you switched up the color combination.

It’s not about being gaudy, having every color on you or wearing the most expensive outfit… It’s about looking pulled together and in most cases, that’s achieved with less, not more.

The right necklace can pull together a complete outfit flawlessly, and I’ve found that if you build your basics capsule first, whatever few pops of color or prints you want to add, they fit seamlessly into your existing capsule and is way cheaper to switch up your wardrobe quickly and cheaply.

Look at each of these outfits. All three are a basic black or white top with a basic black or white bottom, but by changing up the shoes, cardigan/blazer and bag, you have a TOTALLY different outfit.

We’re going for effortlessly pulled together and polished.

All three of these ladies look FLAWLESS.



I don’t care if it’s 90% off.

Heck, I don’t even care if it’s free.

If you don’t love it, put. it. back. on. the. rack.

If it doesn’t fit you RIGHT NOW, put. it. back.

If it doesn’t go with anything you own, put. it. back.

If you stick to ANY of the rules, this one will save you the most money.

We usually end up buying stuff because we’re trying to fill the holes in our closet without realizing what those holes are…

So let’s say you have a bunch of really cute tops, but you don’t have enough bottoms that match those tops, so you keep buying more tops because you think you have nothing to wear, when all you really need is two or three new bottoms to pull your entire wardrobe together.



Bargain shop whenever you can but quality is ALWAYS priority.

I’m a hugeeeeee fan of shopping sales, Amazon (my favorite pants were $15 on Amazon) and at wholesale stores like Burlington.

I know I know, some people want to have brand names… and if that’s your thing, that’s awesome.

Sure, have your brand names if that does it for you, but don’t let those brands rule you.

There are incredible brands at reasonable prices that won’t make you go broke… but always, always, always shop for quality.

Just because it’s $2 doesn’t mean you have to buy it. You’ll end up spending more money and wasting more time standing in front of your closet trying to figure out what to wear.

If it looks cheap or is made with poor quality, you’ll probably only get one or two wears out of it and it will end up costing you more money in the long run. Quality pieces, ESPECIALLY as basics will help add to your “effortlessly polished” look.

If you follow these simple rules and focus on building a capsule wardrobe, you don’t need to be constantly shopping so you can spend a little bit more on quality instead of quantity and you will have more outfits than you ever thought possible.




You read that right.

Even if you don’t follow the capsule wardrobe concept as closely as I do, taking the clothes that you don’t wear out of your closet will make it easier to get dressed in the morning because you don’t have to flip through 800 hangers of stuff you KNOW that you’re not going to wear.

Trust me, you won’t miss them.

Put ’em in a box in the garage or under your bed… Just take them out of your closet.

This also helps you to see what holes you have in your closet.

If you have like 10 shirts that would all match a pair of white pants, go get the white pants… and bam, you have 10 new outfits.

Here’s what my closet looks like right now:

I know I mentioned earlier that I only wear about a dozen shirts and you’re obviously seeing more than a dozen hangers here…

I also have suits hanging in here and a bunch of dresses.

As I mentioned before, it’s all about the accessories…

You’ll also see a bunch of sunglasses, bags and shoes in here… That’s because that “pulled together” look is in the details and accessories, not in the actual clothes.



If you’re wearing a pencil skirt PLEASEEEEE tuck your blouse in… The same goes for MOST work pants. It just looks INFINITELY more polished.

By leaving it hanging, your would-be flawless outfit is now made frumpy.

If you’re trying to hide your gut, throw a blazer or cardigan over it (and if you REALLY need to, throw on a thick belt) but DO. NOT. LEAVE. YOUR. SHIRT. HANGING. When you leave it hanging, instead of drawing attention away from your gut, you’re drawing attention to your hips which is the WIDEST part of your body and stealing away all of those beautiful feminine curves.

High waisted pencil skirts and pants naturally hit at the slimmest part of your waist, so by tucking your shirt in or tying the shirt at the smallest part of your waist, it accentuates your femininity and makes your legs look longer.

Pretty please with a cherry on top, tuck. it. in.

Don’t believe me?

Here you go:

Are you seeing my point?

If you aren’t yet, here’s how much more polished it looks when your shirt is tucked… and just to REALLY drive my point home, I even included two GORGEOUS plus size models to show you that it STILL looks better tucked than hanging.

Tell me that doesn’t look better?!


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